Charlotte Avenue Pictures, the music video company, recognizes that even the most cinematic footage can’t really be great without the music being equally as powerful so from time to time we like to feature and Artist and their music.

Taylor McCall

“It’s been quite a ride the last 7 months,” laughs Taylor McCall drinking one of his first “legal” beers. “Last December I was sitting in my bedroom writing my songs and playing them for whoever would listen which wasn’t many.”

Yes, it has been a wild ride for 21 year-old singer/songwriter, Taylor McCall from Easley, SC. In 2018, Taylor has recorded a full-length studio album with some of Nashville’s finest musicians, producers, engineers and studios, including the legendary Sound Emporium. He has also shot an award-winning music video and played some of the best venues in the industry, including the coveted “Sunday Spotlight” at the world famous Bluebird café. To top it off, he recently signed a major publishing and artist development deal with BMG Nashville, one of the world’s largest and most influential entities in the music business.

“I knew the first time I heard his voice that this kid was special,” says long-time music executive Michelle Robertson of Charlotte Avenue Entertainment. “I was just hoping that the industry would recognize his unique talents too.” Well, now it has and this is only the beginning.

McCall grew up always loving music and listening to the rock bands of his day, but his interest was really piqued when he heard alternative folk artists like Mumford & Sons and Jason Isbell. At the age of 15, Taylor got his first guitar and began crafting songs. “Even though I was writing songs that I thought were pretty good, I was reluctant to play them for anyone because I was not very confident in my voice,” said McCall. While Taylor did not sing live until he was 18-years old, his vocals have since been recognized as “a once in a generation type voice” throughout the music industry.

Taylor McCall’s quick rise is unique and so are his songs. They paint interesting pictures and intertwine thoughtful lyrics with beautiful melodies. McCall has a knack for telling simple stories in the most interesting ways. Look for more big things to come….