We are happy to be supporting members of CMA.
Backwood Bump is still in the top 10 Taste of Country countdown! 
Backwood Bump is still in the top 10!
On 12-12-16 Universal Records will launch the world wide release of Backwood Bump.  We would like to congratulate our creative team for a job well done!  
Hold On and Far Away as Possible were regognized by the LA CineFest!  
Congratualtions to the talented writers and our team!
Tuck Me IN wins 2nd place for Best Music Video in The Nova Film Festival!
We were nominated for a NOVA award!!
Tuck Me In and The Beginnig have been officially selected to be screened in DC at The Nova Film Festival! 
Wow. Very powerful message.  Meaningful and informative music that’s not usually seen in most videos these days.  A lot of substance. ~Fame Television on Mad Kicks
“CONGRATULATIONS! Your submission has been accepted and scheduled to screened at the Ocktober Film Festival, October 2 – 5, 2014.” 
“So great, we’ve screened the videos twice so far and people love them!”


“LOVE IT!!” – Cary Rolfe Zuus


“It’s a powerful video for sure!” – JLS Artist Management
“Wow I love everything! The melody is great and I love the verse. Your voice is amazing and I love the lyrics. I think your listeners will be able to connect with you easily. Your voice is really nice and gentle and soft.  It fits the song perfectly. I love the high notes that you can reach it’s truly amazing! The lyrics are also amazing!  The chorus is so good, I’m obsessed and I’m sure other people will be too. You’re perfect” – Reverbnation crowd review
“Wonderful job! It’s heart breaking and hard to watch” – Dr. Mike Morris
“Jacey is a great talent!” – Tim Shanahan, Executive Director, Hawthorn Hill
“Jacey has a very cool vibe. A little “Nora Jones meets Adele” for me” – Steve Dorff
“I’m fighting back tears!! Very special and very feeling and sincere! Her voice is remarkable.” – David Burrier, Hope Ministries
“The song & video are so powerful you must watch it!” – Skope Magazine 
“Very powerful video! Impressive for 18” – Cris Lacy, Warner Brothers Records
“Wow! – This is a fantastic song and video. I loved it and think it is the best yet. Absolutely top notch and radio ready!!!! Really,really wonderful.”
“OMG. I am so touched with this video.  My tears are nonstop falling.  What a fantastic job Sammy.  You should be very proud of yourself” –Sohaila
“Wow!- this is intense, and really great!”